Get Your Green On

Socially-Responsible Deposits Are A Real Thing!

As a member of our financial cooperative, you support our efforts in environmental sustainability, financial security for others, and local job creation. When you deposit money, we lend it to others. When you need a loan, your fellow members’ deposits are available to you.

You see, we offer a little program called Energy-Smart Loans that help improve housing stock, lower energy usage and put people to work. And as a financial cooperative, the money you deposit helps us lend to others. Are the dots connecting now?

So by saving your green with PSCCU, you empower the community and support initiatives for a greener tomorrow.

To learn more, visit any of our pages under the Save section. And don’t be shy – tell your friends, family and coworkers that if they ever wished they could be socially-responsible with their money, your credit union can make their wishes a reality. Anyone in Washington can belong to PSCCU, so anyone in Washington’s deposits can be socially-responsible.