Access anytime, anywhere

Curiosity is a fun attribute, except when it comes to wondering the current status of your money. So put that question mark on top of your head away and signup for Online Banking!

With Online Banking you get 24/7 access to all of your PSCCU checking, savings and loan accounts (excluding VISA Credit Cards). You can check your transactions history and account balances—you can even download your history to personal financial software like Quicken or Microsoft Money!

Sign up for Online Banking

You can also contact us and we can help you get started.

Access your VISA Credit Card Account with eZCard

To enroll, look in the top left hand corner of the eZCard webpage. Once enrolled, you can manage your account and make your credit card payments online.

Kick back, pour a cup of joe and stop worrying about your bills

We know old habits die hard, but aren't you getting a little tired of shouting, "Oh shoot, I forgot to pay [fill in the blank]!" Spare your vocal chords and signup for our FREE Online Bill Pay. It's an easy to setup, super convenient way for you to pay all of your bills from one secure website.

PSCCU’s Bill Pay comes with all the convenience and tools you’d expect, but we also offer some pretty cool additional features to our Bill Pay, such as:

  • Popmoney Payments
    • Conduct personal payments to others by using an email address, mobile phone number or recipient account information.
  • Rush Payments
    • Send electronic bill payments the same day to an approved biller to ensure posting occurs the same day.
  • Account-to-Account Transfers
    • Transfer money from other financial institutions to a PSCCU account, or from a PSCCU account to a different financial account.
  • You’ll also experience:
    • More electronic and same-day payments
    • Payees’ contact info will pre-populate/will be remembered after first instance of populating
    • In most cases, payments will be debited from your account the day you want it paid

All you have to do is log into your PSCCU Online Banking account and then setup your bills for payment with our "one-click and you're done" functionality. You can choose the frequency, see past payments—but most importantly, you can literally "set-it and forget-it" when it comes to paying bills.

Nice, huh?

So click on the button below to view a Bill Pay demo and then get started at your leisure.


New Users

If you are not currently signed up for Bill Pay, simply log into Online Banking and then click on the Bill Pay link located on the left side navigation bar. You will then be walked through the steps to signup. Your Bill Pay will become active right away. Too easy! If you are not signed up for Online Banking, please contact the Credit Union for assistance.

Smartphone — check. Internet access — check.
PSCCU account & banking access — double check.

Whether you have a Smartphone, a text-only phone or a tablet you can access your PSCCU accounts anytime, anywhere and at no cost to you. All information transmitted between servers and your mobile device is encrypted at the same high security level as our regular desktop online banking.

But you have to be enrolled in Online Banking first.

To activate Mobile Banking you'll need to be enrolled in Online Banking. Once you're signed up for Online Banking, you can:

  • Check your balances
  • View transaction history (available in 90 day increments)
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay your bills

Already enrolled in Online Banking? Then you're ready to use Mobile Banking!

Find our mobile application under PSCCU GoMobile and download it to your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone. To download the app, click the "Download Mobile App" button from your mobile device.


Mobile Banking Features

To minimize Mobile Banking risks, please review some very important safety tips:

  • Lock phones with a lock code if available
  • Turn off Bluetooth capability when not in use. (Hackers can view/download the content of your phone via the Bluetooth connection, without you knowing it.)
  • Purge text messages regularly
  • Delete cached data from mobile browsers
  • Do not allow mobile browsers to store online banking credentials
  • Do not disclose personal information via text messaging
  • Do not leave your phone unattended
  • Visit trusted sites only and don't click on suspicious email messages and embedded links, just as on a computer
  • Contact us immediately if your phone is stolen
  • Do not "jailbreak," "root," or otherwise modify your phone

Funds Availability: Availability of your deposited funds is based on the hold policies of PSCCU. The first $200.00 of your deposit will be available the next business day. Deposit limits also apply. Please contact the Credit Union if you have any questions. You should retain your deposited check for 60 days and then securely destroy it.

Click here for PSCCU's Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement.

Bye bye paper statements

If you haven't picked up on it already, we here at PSCCU try to find simple, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives when we can. So when it came to finding a better option for member statements, eStatements were the perfect solution!

With eStatements, you receive an email notification when your statement is ready to view. You can then retrieve your eStatement using the links contained in the email or by logging into your PSCCU Online Banking just as you normally would, then all you have to do is click on the eStatement tab.

There are many advantages of eStatements, such as:

  • 24/7 access anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Safeguarding you against identity theft by no more statements sitting in your mailbox
  • Securely stored and able to be printed at anytime
  • No more mail delays
  • No statements taking up space on your kitchen table
  • Only seconds to sign up!

If you currently use PSCCU's Online Banking you can sign up for eStatements by simply logging into your account. Otherwise, sign up for Online Banking and then take the next, quick and easy step to sign up for eStatements.

Sign Up!

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

No matter where you are, you can now make a check deposit using your Smartphone. It's fast, it's secure and it's FREE!

  • Available with checking accounts ONLY, no other accounts supported
  • Check amount limits
    • Per day = $5,000
    • Maximum 10 deposits per month
  • Deposits must be received before 3:00 PM PST, for same day processing. Deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

To ensure proper crediting of your deposit you need to have these 3 items written on the back of the check:

  • PSCCU Mobile Deposit
  • Account Number
  • Proper Endorsement Signatures of all payees

Steps for Deposit:

  • Log onto the App
  • Choose Deposit tab
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Verify the correct account is selected
  • Take a photo of the front of the check
  • Take a photo of the back of the check
  • The confirm screen will open, click Yes to confirm the deposit
  • The result screen will open. All deposits will be pending until approved or rejected.
  • Members can check the status and history by clicking the View Deposit History option
  • Members should always Logout after each session

Real Pay* (Person-to-Person Payment)

Caught without money to cover your lunch? No problem! Just ask your dining partner to spot you some cash, then you can pay them back with your PSCCU Real Pay!

All you'll need is the payee's email address or cell phone number. Then simply follow the prompts on your phone and you'll be all set.

Real Pay limits

  • Per day = $1,500
  • Per week = $3,000
  • Per month = $5,000
  • Maximum 5 transactions per month

*Deposits can take up to 48 hours to appear in the payee's account after they have accepted the funds.

Text (SMS) Banking

If you can text, you can bank! No data plan required. Do basic banking functions by texting commands to PSCCU.

  • Check your balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage your accounts

To sign up all you need to do is validate your phone number.  You can do this via the Mobile Banking App or by clicking here.  Chrome or IE are the recommended browsers for this link.  Please note that your service provider's standard texting rates will likely apply.