ScoreCard Rewards

Get Rewarded for Everyday Spending

ScoreCard Rewards for Platinum Rewards Cardholders — also known as Loyalty Rewards is available for Platinum Rewards Visa cardholders where you can earn one point for every dollar spent! Points can be earned on purchases only and you can use your points for gift cards, hotels, travel in general, merchandise, and much more!

ScoreCard Rewards also comes with Premium Payback with the ability to use points in real time, rather than logging in to ScoreCard to make a redemption and is currently offered for:

  • PayPal Redemptions allowing you to use points towards qualifying online purchases at millions of PayPal merchants globally
  • Fuel Rewards provides real-time discounts at participating gas stations
  • SMS Redemptions uses points for payment at participating merchants, including retail stores and restaurants
  • Walgreens Redemptions allow points to pay for discounted purchases at over 8,000 Walgreen® stores nationwide

If you’re a Platinum Rewards Cardholder and do not currently have ScoreCard Rewards, you can visit to create login credentials and register your new PSCCU Credit Card.