UCC | Subordination

PSCCU Members can learn more about the UCC lien and subordination process below. 


PSCCU Subordination Instructions   |   PSCCU Pay-off Instructions


The UCC filing places a lien on the fixtures you are borrowing against, i.e. the heat pump, solar array, windows, etc.  These fixtures are installed in / on your home or property, and as such this lien will show up on a title search. 

What this means for you:

  • If you sell your home this loan must be paid off to satisfy the lien as it is not transferable.
  • If the loan balance is above $70,000, we will ONLY subordinate to a first mortgage IF the loan is current and the CLVT does not exceed 110%.
  • If you refinance your mortgage or take out a second mortgage / home equity loan, your lender must contact us to request a subordination.  
  • There is a fee associated with this request, currently $75.00 for normal processing and $150.00 for rush request.
  • These requests can take up to 5 business days to process – rush requests can be processed within 3 business days.
  • PSCCU will not start working on any requests until we have a complete subordination package.  If you are interested in what that entails please use the link above.
  • You should make your lender aware of this lien when you apply for your loan, it will help your lender expedite the process.  
  • Your lender is made aware of this lien either by you or when they do a title search of the property. 
  • It is the responsibility of your lender to send us a complete subordination package in a time frame that allows for you to meet your closing date.   
  • You may also pay the loan off if you choose not to proceed with the subordination request or if the Credit Union is not able to accommodate your request.   
  • Please be advised we will not temporarily release a lien, as that would be falsifying a record and we will not engage in such activity.
  • PSCCU reserves the right to refuse any subordination request.