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These financial calculators will help you figure out how to make your money go further to reach your goals. You can do everything from research mortgage terms or auto loans, to manage personal savings and plan for retirement. So plug away, and of course if you have any questions, need any additional help, or are ready to go to the next step, contact us and we'll work together to keep things moving right along.

Branches and ATMs across the nation—just for you

With thousands of locations you can ditch the car, help the environment and bus, bike, or walk to the nearest branch. CO-OP Shared Branch is now the nation’s third largest network of financial institution branches—surpassing Bank of America!

As a FREE benefit to our members, PSCCU partners with the CO-OP Network to offer over 30,000 ATMS and 5,000 shared branch locations nationwide. This means you can conduct most of your banking transactions at Shared Branch locations, or get cash out or deposit money into an ATM just as you would directly with PSCCU. So no matter where you are, PSCCU can be with you too!

Find a Branch or ATM

You can also find CO-OP Network surcharge-free ATMs in the palm of your hands with MYCOOP—a feature that enables you to find a CO-OP ATM via a text message. It’s simple and easy! Here’s how it works:

  • Send a text to MYCOOP (692667) from any mobile phone. In the body of the text, enter your location address (with city, state), zip code or intersection (with city, state).
  • In about 30 seconds, the service will reply with the CO-OP Network surcharge-free ATM nearest to your location.
  • If you want more ATM locations, simply reply MORE to the message and additional surcharge-free ATM locations will be sent to your mobile device.
  • This service is FREE — only standard text-messaging rates apply.

To access your account at any Shared Branch you will need the following:

  • The name of your Credit Union (PSCCU)
  • Your PSCCU account number
  • A valid US or Government-issued photo ID with your signature. (Your Employee ID will not be acceptable).

Many Shared Branches also offer the following services:*

  • Check Withdrawals
  • Fax Service and Copies
  • Money Orders
  • Traveler's Checks
  • Notary Services

Important shared branching information: There are shared branches in the CU Service Center network that are cashless which means you will not be able to conduct transactions in the branch. These branches may have a surcharge free ATM you can use instead. Cashless branches are designated as such.

Your PSCCU membership and accounts remain at PSCCU even when accessing your accounts at another Credit Union.

*Fees may apply.

We make switching to PSCCU easy, and well worth it

We know, the thought of changing your accounts can seem like a pain. And we're not going to lie, you do need to put a little work in. But we've made it simple to take the steps to become a member and we're here to help every step of the way.

To start, you will need to have your current account number where you are transferring the funds from, your new PSCCU account number, name, address, and the account number of Direct Deposit and Automatic Payment (ACH) companies that you're currently using. Then simply complete the forms you need listed below, print, sign and mail or bring them in to us. Done—you are now a member of PSCCU and you'll look back on the steps taken to belong and think, "Well that was easy. Why didn't I do that sooner?!"

New Member Account Card
If you have not already opened an account with PSCCU you can open an account right online or print out a membership card.

Join PSCCU & Apply Current Members Apply Now

Overdraft protection is designed with your protection and convenience in mind. Life doesn't always go according to plan, and overdrafts do occur. So without overdraft protection, your ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be declined if you attempt to make a transaction without sufficient funds. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

Direct Deposit Form
If you wish to set up Direct Deposit from your employer, complete this from and turn it in to your company's payroll department. For Social Security deposits you will need to contact the Social Security office at 1.800.772.1213 and tell them you want your Direct Deposit to go to PSCCU. You will need to provide them with your SSN, you PSCCU account number which we will give you once your account has been opened and the Credit Union's routing number which is 325183259.

Recurring Automatic Payment and Withdrawal Form
Use this form to change all of your automatic payments and/or withdrawals over to your PSCCU account. Payments for things like your utility bill, gym membership, monthly mortgage payment, etc. You can print out the form as many times as you need. Remember PSCCU offers free unlimited Bill Pay as an easy alternative to pay your bills.

Account Closure Form
Use this form letter to send to your previous financial institution to close out your existing account and transfer any remaining balances to your new PSCCU account.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us—we're here and happy to help.