Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union | Serving the Puget Sound region since 1934, one member at a time.
Checking and Savings Account Fees:
Overdraft Transfer (per transfer) $5.00
Deposited Item Return (per item) $15.00
NSF Returned Item (per item) $25.00
Stop Payment (per request) $20.00
Inactive Bill Pay, per month (after 3 months of no actvity) $3.95
Check Copies (free online) $2.00
Overdraft (per item) $25.00
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts):
Deposited Item Return (per item) $15.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
Account Research (per hour) $25.00
Statement Copy (free online) $2.00
Stop Payment on Cashiers Check (per request) $25.00
Inactive Accounts, per month (after 24 months, minor accounts are exempt.) $5.00
Account Verification $5.00
Letter of Verification $10.00
Outgoing wire (domestic) $25.00
Outgoing wire (international) $35.00
Incoming wire (if under $1,000.00) $10.00
Cashiers Check (if under $500.00) $3.00
Coin (loose or rolled) 4.00% of the total
Canadian Checks under $200.00 (per check) $25.00
Canadian Checks over $200.00 (per check) $45.00
Returned Canadian Checks (per check) $45.00
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Fees:
NSF returned Item (per item) $25.00
Overdraft (per item) $25.00
Stop Payment (per request) $20.00
Replacement Card $5.00
Replacement PIN $5.00
Rush Order Card or PIN (US only) $35.00
Overdraft Transfer (per transfer) $5.00
Credit Union Membership:
Membership Share (par value) $5.00