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Compare our Home Equity loans to those at other lenders and we think you'll agree our Home Equity loans are a great deal. At PSCCU we have several types of Home Equity loans to choose from, all with: Low rates, No Application Fees, Quick turn around times and we'll waive the normal closing costs*

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Borrow money when you need it and only pay interest on what you have borrowed. There are no annual fees or advance fees; so use it as often as you like. Repayment is based on the loan balance at the time of each advance. Payments are adjusted if rates are adjusted in order to maintain the same payback period of the most recent advance. First advance: minimum $5,000.00. Subsequent advances: minimum $1,000.00

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

Fixed Rate Home Equity loans are closed-end fixed rate loans, meaning you get all your money, all at once. Any additional money would require a new loan.

Fine Print

Maximum loan amount is $150,000.00 – Minimum loan amount is $5,000.00

*Closing costs are waived provided the loan is kept for a minimum of 3 years, loans paid off before then will have the closing costs added to the payoff amount.

Maximum loan to value (LTV) is 80%. This means 80% of the assessed or appraised value, less the balance of your first mortgage. Interest paid on Home Equity loans is usually tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. Home must be an owner occupied residence located in Washington State.

Our variable rate loans are adjusted annually on November 1st. The new rate is the 6-month Treasury bill rate (auction high) (index) plus 2.50% (margin) for 80% LTV loans. The maximum interest rate is 16.00% the minimum interest rate is 4.00%. The maximum annual rate change - 2.00%.


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